What are the Perks of Being a CFA certificate Holder?

While doing CFA charter there may be many nights when you will be sitting at home and studying and your friend might be outside partying. You may also miss many family functions. At all these time you will curse the course and yourself thinking why did you join it in the first place.

But when the time will come when you finish the course and see the benefits that you are getting you will forget those sacrifices that you have made because of it.

An entirely new world of opportunities will be waiting for you. You will understand that you will get ample time to party and attend family occasions but if you had quit it at that time then these opportunities would not have come to you.

So what are the benefits that you may get if you pursue the CFA courses?

  1. Exposure to a variety of roles of finance

If you start doing CFA courses you will witness that it is just not limited to investment banking and equity research. You will get other different profiles also.

Today, it may be Foreign Exchange, Alternative Investments, Fintech or any other profiles but CFA is the most preferred profile worldwide among the employers.

They have gone through such a rigorous schedule that they are already prepared for any other type of demanding profiles.

  1. Your CV will stand out

This is the most basic benefit that you will be getting if you do CFA courses. When you go for a job interview your resume will instantly stand out among the other candidates if you have done the course.

You get this benefit as during doing a CFA course you also get the first-hand experience of working in the market so you have the advantage of having extra knowledge and exposure.

  1. More time and cost-effective than the MBA programs

Having a CFA qualification is not only valuable for you as a profession if you want to get into investment banking but also good for someone who doesn’t have the resource to do a full-time MBA.

However, both the courses are difficult to pursue but if you do the CFA Charter then it is more beneficial than the MBA especially for someone who is in portfolio management, investment banking, stock broking, and fields like these.

  1. Gaining better work experience

CFA is one among the few degrees that take into consideration your work experience while granting you the certificate of the charter.

This is because they want to make sure that you just don’t have bookish knowledge but also have proper exposure to the specific roles in investment banking, equity research, and other specific roles.

Therefore when your employers will see that you have CFA designation they will immediately know that you have in-depth knowledge about the roles that you will be taking in your office.

  1. Better job prospects at the top firms

After completing your course you will see that job prospects have opened a lot for you. For a CFA holder opening in areas such as hedge funds, equity research, asset management, and fixed income are more suitable.

They will have in-depth knowledge about its various parts like portfolio management, financial area, and areas related to investment.

In the top investment firms, all these knowledge have great value and hence they give more preference to someone who has done the CFA course rather than other candidates related to the same field.

Now, if you want to study CFA in Saudi Arabia you will get ample universities over there who teaches CFA. One such renowned university is IFA (Institute for Financial Analysis).

It is a top-notch college in the area where they not only teaches the student but also conduct seminars for them for professional designations such as International Certified Valuation Specialist, Chartered Financial Analyst, and many more.

You can get you admission over here according to their admission date complete your course and enjoy the benefits of being a CFA certificate holder.

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