Types of Animated Videos And Their Benefits

Animation, in simple words, is art in motion. Animated videos can either be a short content covering the tips and tricks of a certain product. All this information could have been laid out in a text, but people hardly have time to go through a manual-like post. These videos are known to save time and resources, while effectively convert viewers into potential clients. With the help of animation, a company can easily bring their message to life. The following section explains the types of animated videos one can produce:

Whiteboard animation

Whiteboard animation
Whiteboard animation

This animation is a process which involves drawing pictures on a whiteboard. Both story and a storyboard is essential for this kind of animated video. The authors, to bring alive the hand-drawn animation, employ stop-motion animation. Its key benefits are as follows:

  • Excellent for breaking down a complex topic and for explaining it
  • Creates suspense as nobody knows where the speaker is heading towards
  • Brings a sense of involvement in the minds of the viewers
  • It is engaging, entertaining, eye-catching, fresh, and unique

Kinetic typography

Kinetic typography is the technical name for “moving text”. This is an animation technique which mixes both texts and motion for expressing an idea with the help of video animation. The texts in the video are presented over time to evoke or convey a specific emotion. The important benefits of this type of animation are:

  • The art of moving and using texts efficiently
  • The viewer stays engaged and follows the text in the whole video
  • The choice of font and movement can evoke certain emotions
  • Helps the viewers in retaining the information as it is laid out in front of them in an artistic manner

Cartoon animation

Made with the use of sequential drawing, cartoon animation is made for the camera, computer screen, or televisions. Some animations in Explainer Video Uk are made using puppets, clay, 3-D modelling, etc. However, cartoon animation is strictly distinct from the other types as it is made for personal, commercial, entertainment, and educational purposes. Benefits of cartoon animation include:

  • Mostly associated with animated videos
  • Might be professional when considered for business communication
  • Makes the content enjoyable and easy to understand

Live action video

A live action video from Animation Studios Uk can either involve real people or showcases art in motion. It is important to note that the former does not fall into the category of animated videos. The sketches are presented in a series of frames, which makes it appear that the images are in motion. The video is recorded live, hence the name and the whole content is planned beforehand but executed in real time. Following are the advantages of live action videos:

  • It is a blend of animated content and lives action, however, the ratio of live action is more than its counterpart
  • Uses live performers, overlaid graphics, product shots, cartoon interspersals
  • Executed in real time, has a quicker turnaround time

Animated infographic

An animated infographic is basically a visual representation of knowledge and data as an online video. These videos are created by combining lots of animations for crafting an information video which helps in explaining data in an interesting way. The goal of such Explainer Video Uk is to improve the perspective of the viewers regarding the subject matter. The following points lay the advantages of such content:

  • These videos can transform boring graphs and statistics into a fun-filled content
  • As the viewers watch the video, they visualize and perceive what is being conveyed to them
  • Compared to others, animated infographics are easier to make

With each type having their specific pros, it is up to the organization to discuss with experts from Animation Studios Uk and choose the right type. Eventually, their product will popularize and become trendy.

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