Sprayfoam Vancouver And All Other Insulation and Features

Westcor Thermal is one of the most reputed companies that provide services like insulation, fireproofing and stopping along with spray foam. This company has been rendering their services for a very long time now and their work has been getting high acclamation in the market. In any kind of emergency like fire, the team of workers will be there at the aid to resolve the issue. They are the number one insulation suppliers of the city and they are also famous in other parts of the country for their excellent quality of work. The staff and the employees of the company are experts in rendering the best of fire emergency services like Sprayfoam Vancouver.

The variety of services

The variety of services that are provided by the team of workers here are as follows:
Fireproofing: The company Westcor Thermal holds the expertise in spray fireproofing for beams of steel, floor and roof assemblies. They do fireproofing of columns and joists in both commercial and industrial environments.

  • Spray foam: The company installs both residential and commercial Sprayfoam Vancouver throughout the province. The insulation is highly eco-friendly and uses less energy than the fiberglass during its manufacturing. In its working also it is used for energy savings.
  • Thermal insulation: The thermal insulation is a glass fibre based applied spray insulation product that is used for industrial, commercial and institutional projects. The team of Westcor Thermal are experts in the use of this insulation.
  • Acoustic application: It is often seen that acoustics are overlooked in the complexities of many buildings. A large space with acoustic reflective surfaces might turn out to be nightmares for anyone using it. That is the reason the company uses spray applied acoustic applications in order to absorb the sound rather than reflecting it.
  • Firestopping: Fire stopping is one of the main expertise of the concerned company. At any fire emergency, the team of experts will reach the place in no time to stop the fire from spreading.
    And many more to name just a few.

Health and safety of the employees

At Westcor thermal, no kind of insulation Vancouver can harm the safety of the of the employees. The health and safety of every employee is given a lot of importance. That is the reason why the crew is always on protective equipment for the spray foam applications like Tyvek coveralls, hardhats, gloves, fall protection, safety boots and even respiratory protection including PAPR and supplied air. Because of the fact that the employees are assured highest amount of safety in work, the employees feel free to work by giving their best every day.

The cost of services

The main aim of the workers in here is to see that the workers are not only safe but the customers are also highly satisfied by their work. And after that only they think about the money that they are going to earn for each project. The cost of service in here is not very high but the quality is given the utmost importance and thus, the quality of work at Westcor Thermal is one of the best. The insulation Vancouver services are therefore demanded in other parts of the country as well.

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