Mastopexy – What it is and why is it done?

A mastopexy, popularly known as breast lift (Lifting des seins), is an operation which is done for the reduction of breast volume, and for correcting asymmetry and ptosis. At the end of the surgery, the patient is left with harmonious and proper breasts which accentuate their morphology. The procedure requires the skin envelope to separate widely, and sufficient breast tissue to fill the space. The tissues are then readjusted and the extra skin is removed.

For women who are unsatisfied with their breast volume and have a serious case of breast ptosis, a combination of breast lift and the addition of breast implants is advised. Breast lift (Lifting des seins) takes around three hours to complete, and the patient can return home on the day of the surgery. However, it is recommended to bring someone dependable to accompany the patient.

Preparation for mastopexy

Preparation for mastopexy
Preparation for mastopexy

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. A consultation with a certified anesthesiologist, before the surgery, is recommended. Some experts consider conducting a mammogram. If the operation is regarding cosmetic surgery, two consultations are essential for ensuring that the best option can be chosen for the patient. Cosmetic surgeries, like others, are a matter of seriousness, which is why doctors rely on two consultations.

The surgery

After the patient goes to sleep, under the influence of anesthesia, the doctor makes an incision for tightening the chest and removing the excess skin. On the basis of the amount of chest sagginess, the doctor will either make an incision around the areola or around the areola down to the crease below the breast. Another option is to incise around the areola to the fold of the breast (creating an inverted T). the operation can last between one-and-a-half hours to three hours. After the ending of the surgery, the doctors monitor the patient for a few hours in the recovery room, after which the patient is sent home.

Days and months after the surgery

The patient is advised to wear a compression bra for a month. The bra underwire must be avoided as it damages the scar. With regular silicone and scarring dressings, the healing process can be improved. Activities like sports, work, and lifting of heavy loads must be done gradually. No strenuous activities must be done before three months pass. Also, exposure to the sun is not advised, if the scars are pink in color. In case the sweating increases, the patient can try “Miradry”.

Possible complications

Just like any other operation, mastopexy has its own set of complications:

  • Poor healing
  • Asymmetries of the areola
  • Cutaneous necrosis
  • Reduction in nipple/breast sensitivity

Dr. Gaby Doumit is a well-known plastic and cosmetic surgery expert, based in Canada. To find out more about the doctor’s services, visit the official website. Mastopexy requires some degree of expertise so it only depends on a proven medical professional. If the patient wants to use “Miradry”, they can consult the doctor.

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